As I’ve seen that there are a few international visitors here’s an english version of my articles.

With the support from Welec (they’ve provided me the source code of the W2000PC application) I’ve put together an overview of the USB HID-communication protocol used by the Welec W2000A. It’s available as PDF-File and as OpenOffice.Org calc file.

Based on this information I’ve written a small Windows DLL to communicate with the W2000A. Beside the print feature everything supported by the W2000PC application is also possible with this library.

On top of this library I’ve created an LabVIEW-library capable of controlling the scope. This library is still at the beginning so help is really appreciated.

All this information is released as Open Source under the GPLv3 license. If you make any changes to the code or the protocol overview, please send me back these changes so I can integrate them in my code.

Finally here are the links to the files and the mercurial ( repository: